VIVIAN is an Italian jewelry brand

a new category between fashion and fine jewelry.

Founder & Creative Director, Viviana Bianchi, grew up surrounded by art, religion, and science. Thanks to her parents who have an extensive background in these fields, they have been an influential force that guided Viviana’s entrepreneurial spirit, her eye for design, art and love for her roots.

After studying fashion at the University of Florence, Viviana immersed herself in the jewelry world and worked her way up before deciding to go at it alone, creating her own line of accessories.
The heart of the design process is located in the marble capital of Carrara, where she develops all of her collections in the office headquarters. Production takes place in Arezzo, Tuscany, where every piece is made entirely by hand by artisans who have worked in the fields of leather goods and jewelry for many years.

Finding the beauty in modern simplicity encapsulates the essence of VIVIAN jewelry.
The end results are beautiful clean lines that are skillfully paired with intricate design elements rich in meaning.

The appreciation for the handmade aesthetic and process lies at the heart of the label and has resulted in the creation of delicate and original jewelry.

VIVIAN is sold through the online store on as well as selected sellers throughout Italy and also internationally.